When we think of the word Hi-jacked, we know that one of the meanings is that something has been diverted from its original purpose. Usually, that carries with it a negative connotation. Same with Car-jacked, someone has taken or stolen our car. Really negative connotation there…but what about Head-jacked?

Head-jacked means that someone or thing has sold us a bill of goods or taken advantage of us somehow by lying to us and selling us something that is untrue. Lately, I have been feeling a bit Head-jacked.

I have been reading an article by Yanni Gu in the John Hopkins Newsletter entitled, “A Closer Look at U.S. deaths due to Covid- 19.”She then talks about a study done at John Hopkins University by a Genevieve Briand, Assistant Program Director of the Applied Economics Master Degree Program. In her webinar titled “Covid- 19 Deaths: A Look at U.S. Data,” Briand analyzes the data from the CDC looking at deaths from February 1, 2020 and September 5, 2020. 

When she analyzed the data, she expected to see a much higher percentage of deaths in older people, but it was not the case. Her statistics show that for older people and in fact people of every age category, the percentages of deaths remain about the same.

Briand then looked at data from 2014 to 2020. She noticed that there was a seasonal increase in deaths as a result in deaths by all causes, with the top three being heart disease, respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia. 

What she noticed that in 2020, instead of the usual causes of deaths, most deaths were listed as Covid-19. She talks about the over-exaggeration of the number of Covid-19 related deaths and overlooking the deaths by natural causes in our society.

From her statistical data, she states that, “All of this points to no evidence that Covid-19 created any excess deaths. The total numbers are not above the normal death numbers. We found no evidence of the contrary.”

Briand also states, “If (the Covid-19 death toll) was not misleading at all, what we should have observed is an increased number of heart attacks and increased Covid-19 numbers. But a decreased number of heart attacks and all the other death causes doesn’t give us a choice but to point to some misclassification.”

The above five paragraphs are mostly direct quotes from the article. I personally have looked at the graphs and thought about this article a lot. I know that Covid-19 is real and is especially lethal for those over a certain age and for those with co-morbidity factors. What I don’t understand is why the numbers are being exaggerated.  

If those in charge of the health care system in America want the public to take the Covid-19 crisis seriously, perhaps they should start by being straight with the public about the numbers, both of the deaths and the causes. They will then get the respect they are looking for and a better chance of the public’s compliance. Otherwise they leave the public with the perception that they are being Head-jacked.

Note: Since this was published a few hours ago, two people have sent me statistics that contradict this study. They are “How Covid-19 Deaths are Counted” in Scientific American and “Study of Non Covid-19 Deaths Show Increase in Several Demographics” in Science Daily….Please check them out. The best things that we can all do is be as informed as possible!

Photo by Gerd Altman. Courtesy of Pixabay.

19 thoughts on “Head-jacked

  1. Hmmm, why would they mislead us? Why would they want to destroy the awesome economy that Trump built? Why would they want to rush out a never-before used, barely tested mRna genetic engineering ‘vaccine’ ? Why would they talk about the covid being a great opportunity for a ‘great reset’? Why would a huge outcry against a sketchy election being soundly ignored? So many questions, one answer. New World Order.

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  2. Amen, Valerie! That is what I have been preaching all year. They are lying to us. 350,000 people have not died of Covid in America. The hospitals are lying because they get more money for every Covid death. The new world order is hyping Covid to spread fear because they want to enslave us in their one world government. This is all an evil attack from the evil one. We must stand firm in the truth. See my post, “Live In The Truth Not Fear.” Thank you for speaking the truth! God bless you!


  3. I’m not sure that the deaths can be so easily teased apart. From personal experience, my friend’s mother (aged 92) got COVID. Although she was old her health prior to the virus was good. She had no signs of heart or lung disease and her only issue was dementia. After she survived COVID she died. The doctors had been very concerned because the virus had attacked her heart and lungs. Even though she had cleared the virus, the damage to her body was severe. She died 2 months later when her lungs filled with liquid from a damaged heart. Now you could say that she died of heart failure or you could say that COVID killed her. Personally I’m convinced it was the COVID. So I’m not so sure that on a statistical basis you can reclassify the deaths. But then if I was inclined to believe conspiracy theories, a single study would certainly twitch my radar. A single (flawed and now debunked) study linking autism and vaccinations did irreparable harm to many a child that died or was rendered handicapped due to getting a preventable childhood disease…

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  4. I heard from several sources that the “cause of death” was categorized as “Covid” in many hospitals so they qualified for extra $10,000 in federal money. It is truly hard to know whom to believe nowadays.

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  5. Today Valerie, you will easily find all kinds of claims being made, some that are inferring that we are being conditioned towards a One World Order and others that we are not. Making a statement about any of the claims is not as simple as it looks. The claim about inflated numbers of deaths due to hospitals getting paid more for Covid19 deaths is a case in point. This link refers: https://www.factcheck.org/2020/04/hospital-payments-and-the-covid-19-death-count/ As you can see, when you get into the details, it does get a bit complicated. And to be candid with you, most of us do not have the medical hospital administrative financial background to really make an informed decision on the conflicting evidence that is so often propagated as “truth”. And, as you are aware, this is just one of hundreds of topics that currently have conflicting data. I spend a fair amount of time researching a number of claims that I see being made, some pro and some con. There are usually two sides to every claim being made and it is prudent to, at a minimum, at least look at both sides of the topic, before jumping on any bandwagon. I have an opinion but I do not publicize it because all it does is add to the division by increasing the rhetoric and I really don’t think that we need more of that. But that is my choice, others are free to make their own choice and come to their own conclusions and obviously voice them. I watch for the “birth pains” that Jesus gave us. I remember a book called “The Late Great Planet Earth” authored by Hal Lindsey about fifty years ago that swept through evangelical Christianity like wild fire and I correlate that with what I am seeing now. I do believe we are in the end times, I do believe that there will be a one world order and maybe some of the things we are seeing now are a preamble towards those realities, and maybe they are not. Hal Lindsey’s book came out in 1970, I lived through that. Many claims where made then, just like they are being made now and almost none of those claims made back in 1970 came to be. Just something to be mindful of. Hope this helps. Blessings.

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  6. As I read your post and also the comments, I was left with Pilate’s words – “what is truth?” when faced with what seemed like relative and contradictory truths… It is so easy to become sceptical and to mistrust the media, the vast body of “information” available and difficult to trust our politicians… I completely hear your concerns for this and so many COVID related arguments on both sides. The truth is that I don’t know. I’d love to know. But I have to console myself knowing that God truly does know and none of it has taken Him by surprise. He is still in control and Him I can trust 100%. x

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