Shooting Buffalo

brown bison

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Where I used to live in Oregon, there was a ranch about fifty miles north that had a herd of buffalo (bison). They advertised hunts and people from around the world would come there to shoot buffalo. After they shot them, they would take home the head, cape and whatever other parts of the animal they wanted to. When they returned home, I’m sure they told their friends about it and their friends were probably wowed. “Way to go,” they probably exclaimed.

The only problem with this scenario is that buffalo are like cattle. They stand in the field and stare at you. A person can walk up to them and easily shoot them from fifty or a hundred yards. They will not even move…there is no sportsmanship required at all for the hunt.Β 

It reminds me of the politicians today who stand with the violent mob and say it is okay to loot, deface property and burn down buildings. They think it is okay to topple statues instead of letting the people of their cities and states make an informed decision on the matter. They go along with the crowd when the crowd says, “Defund the Police!” I even heard one political operative say yesterday that social workers should be sent into domestic disturbances instead of the police. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The only problem with this scenario is that the elected officials who say those things are only standing with the violent mob. It takes no courage whatsoever to agree and placate those voices that want to enact change by violent methods. As a mother of a former police officer, I know firsthand that the most dangerous call a policeman can respond to is one involving domestic violence. Really, send in a social worker to deescalate the situation?Β When I hear this lunacy coming from our elected officials, I just shake my head. Doesn’t anyone remember the French Revolution? No one was safe, not even the people that agreed with the violent mob. The mob eventually came for them also.Β So when our elected officials are praised by their likeminded peers and are admired for their stands condoning the violence, remember they are just shooting buffalo. No skill, wisdom or courage required!

20 thoughts on “Shooting Buffalo

  1. You are right about this! It is so disgraceful to see how rioters incite mob violence.
    They steal the stage from the real protesters and get the attention instead. I have read that Antifa is behind much of the anarchy we see happening. They want to destroy all this country stands for. Very sad indeed. Forced change is seldom real change!

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  2. I feel like I could name at least 10 movie scenes that depict the guy that thinks he is getting off easy by handing everyone else over to the villain, just to save his own skin. It never ends well for that guy.

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  3. I am a former provincial shooting champion of sorts. I found it is better to shoot at paper targets. You can shoot them in the bull’s eye a hundred times. Nothing gets harmed.

    We have a problem here in Africa with people decimating wildlife to prove they grew a spine or some other stuff. It’s cowardice.

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