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Several decades ago, while in high school, I was elected State Vice-President of the International Relations League. The Board met four times a year and one of our main responsibilities was to plan the agenda for the State Convention held each Spring. We chose several topics and were supposed to familiarize ourselves with one as we each were expected to lead a discussion group on that particular subject. We talked about what would be on the agenda and what we should discuss. Two of the topics I remember were: The Palestinian Refugee Crisis and Youth in Asia.

I was more familiar with the Palestinian problem and chose that one to prepare for. A few months went by and the date arrived for the Convention. I packed my suitcase and left for a city about three hours from where I lived. I got to the University campus, checked into my room, and went to the first day’s meeting. I received my Syllabus and sat in the front row of the auditorium with the rest of the Board. 

You can imagine my shock when I opened the Syllabus and looked at the Agenda. The topic “Youth in Asia” was nowhere to be found; the topic was actually Euthanasia. I thought I knew what was going to be discussed; I actually did not. I was as far off on that particular subject as I could be. At the time of the meeting, I had not heard the word many times, let alone understood the real meaning of the subject. It just goes to show you how wrong you can be about something you believe to be true.

Last week, I heard a prominent politician say that people in his political party were NOT for infanticide. And yet, partial-birth abortion and late term abortion are actually affirmed as a woman’s right by most of the feminist leaders in his party. Sometimes, we only think we know what is going on in our particular sphere. Unfortunately, many times we do not. We are as far away from the truth as we can possibly be. 

“Youth in Asia.”  Anyone want to lead the discussion?

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  1. Great post! Abortion and euthanasia are murder. The left tries to justify everything they do by making their sin “legal.” A guy on Twitter last week said, “Why is abortion not considered murder, but if someone kills a pregnant woman it is considered a double homicide?” Great question! I view euthanasia the same way. Someone might be suffering, but there are ways to help people and it is not for us to take a life, ever. God bless you!

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  2. It distresses me to think about the Eternal Souls of these people who propose such a horrific Act. How did America get so far off base? We will not convince these radical so-called progressives with our criticism and hatred. They are obviously lost, and blind just like the Apostle Paul was on the road to Damascus . These people need a supernatural touch from Jesus to have their eyes opened. Let’s pray for them.

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  3. Valerie you are so awesome. It sounds totally like something I would have done (misunderstand the word!) As much as I felt like throwing up when these laws were passed, two things occurred to me:
    1. Wasn’t this child a child the day before it was born? And indeed every day back to its conception? The horror of these “full-term” abortions may be enough to bring this fact to life for some people.
    2. I am afraid of one thing: what delusion am I living under that keeps me from doing what God has called me to do? In other words, the people who support this don’t understand that we are created by love for love; that means a life of response to The Other (God) and sacrifice for each other. Our battle isn’t with flesh and blood, as St Paul tells us, but with the spiritual realm; and we are all subject to be bamboozled there. May God have mercy on us.

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  4. I remember we had euthanasia as one of our topic discussions in college and one theme that bears no closure since the arguments are never-ending. I believe in free will, pretty much like on homosexuality or abortion for that matter. Pro-choice. Truth always eludes us but our beliefs are ever-changing as we question ourselves and prejudices for that matter.

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    • It’s certainly admirable to support human life as you seem to, but I do think it’s a little pretentious to say that Asian religions don’t value human life to the same extent as Christians. In fact, most world religion share common values such as kindness, justice, and human life. The ways that these values express themselves in religious texts can differ from religion to religion, but this doesn’t mean they don’t care about human rights.

      Specifically, if you look at a prominent religion such as Hinduism in Asia, values of kindness and virtue are actually promoted through a variety of religious and cultural activities. For example, the celebration of Diwali celebrates the triumph of good or evil.

      But moreover, supporting abortion doesn’t mean you don’t value human life. In fact, an argument could be made that it is quite the contrary, because when abortion is illegal, many more women die through attempting to perform abortions upon themselves.

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      • In no way did I suggest that Asian religions do not support human life. My post was on the fact that I had misunderstood the word and if I would have chosen the topic I would have studied the wrong subject.
        Mr. Caswell put his own words when he reblogged my post. They were not mine.
        Yes, I understand that aspect about abortion and I certainly don’t want to see women die by their own hands or the hands of another person. I really take exception to late term abortion and partial birth abortion.
        Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I have friends who are Hindu and Buddhist. They are very sensitive individuals and I love them dearly!

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      • I’m sorry, I guess I confused your opinions with those of Mr. Caswell. The post itself was quite well-written. I think that there is certainly a discussion to be had about partial birth abortion.

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      • The point of my whole post was that the politician perhaps does not really know what the beliefs are of some in his party. He may not understand what late term abortion entails or partial birth abortion means. He may, in fact, be totally mistaken, as I was.

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  5. Although a serious topic, I had to smile at the misunderstanding of the words.

    After reading through the comments, I find it sad that people think that their opinions/views are the only ones that matter or are indeed the correct ones in life.

    My belief is that no one should or have control over another person’s body or choice, regardless of the situation.

    With hand on heart, can anyone really know how they would react when thrown into such turmoil?

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