What Were the Sixties Like?

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Some of you have been wondering what the Sixties were like. I’ll try to describe them for you.

On Sunday, we went walking with our MAMAS and PAPAS and we would “STOP INTO A CHURCH WE PASSED ALONG THE WAY.” We would “GET DOWN ON OUR KNEES AND PRETEND TO PRAY.” When the service was over we would go get ice cream at the Dairy Queen. It tasted so good! I was just LOVIN’ every SPOONFUL. We were truly “GROOVIN’ ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON.”

We had such a good time on Sunday, we might just skip school on Monday. My friend BOB and his buddy DYLAN would come over and when the principal’s office called to look for me, I would have BOB answer the phone and say, “IT AIN’T ME BABE, IT AIN’T ME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR.”

We would go down to the beach and we would “SIT ON THE DOCK BY THE BAY” with my good friend OTIS who was from REDDING. We would swim, laugh, surf and laze away the afternoons. It was fun but when I got home, I was always in trouble. My dad would warn me about my ASSOCIATION with my friends, but I would say, “Dad, I really “CHERISH” them! He didn’t like the fact that I hung around the BEACH with the BOYS and he would ground me. I would have to call my friends and say that “I HAD FUN, FUN, FUN” but “MY DADDY TOOK MY T-BIRD AWAY.”

I would, for sure, go to school the next day and I always sat in the back of the class and day-dreamed. My friend JUDY from COLLINS, would look out the window and say things like: “I’VE LOOKED AT CLOUDS FROM BOTH SIDES NOW. IT’S CLOUD’S ILLUSIONS I RECALL. I REALLY DON’T KNOW CLOUDS AT ALL.” I didn’t know what that meant, but I thought it was sounded really far out!

In the summer, I would travel with my friend MARY and her brothers PETER AND PAUL. It seems like we were always “LEAVIN’ ON A JET PLANE” and I didn’t “KNOW WHEN I’D BE BACK AGAIN.” We went to England and met a lot of nice people including some royalty. We met the “DUKE OF EARL” and found out his real name was GENE CHANDLER. A man named HERMAN had friends that weren’t very social, so we called them the HERMITS. HERMAN was a little off. He also thought he was royalty and called himself “HENRY THE VIII!” We also met a guy named GERRY in Liverpool and his friends THE PACEMAKERS. They helped us take a “FERRY CROSS THE MERSEY.

It was a time of great social change. Men grew their hair long and a group called the COWSILLS made a lot of money singing about “HAIR.” Someone even wrote a Broadway play about “HAIR” and it travelled the world and made a ton of money.

In the mid-sixties, JAMES BROWN told us that “IT’S A MAN’S, MAN’S, MAN’S WORLD,” but later on my friend HELEN was always REDDY to tell people she was “WOMAN,” and she wanted people to “HEAR HER ROAR!”

Technology took us to the moon and scientists discovered THE FIFTH DIMENSION. Astronomers saw that “THE MOON WAS IN THE 7th HOUSE AND JUPITER ALIGNED WITH MARS.” We were hoping that “PEACE WOULD GUIDE THE PLANETS AND LOVE, LOVE WOULD STEER THE STARS.” It was truly the “AGE OF AQUARIAUS.”

The most important piece of advice I got was my friend, SCOTT, who lived up on the McKENZIE. He told me that “IF I WAS GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO,” I should “WEAR SOME FLOWERS IN MY HAIR.” So I did!

So there you have it…hope you have a little better picture of the Sixties!

25 thoughts on “What Were the Sixties Like?

  1. the 1960s for us in Brazil was very complex and difficult. part of my childhood and early adolescence are recorded there. perhaps in the meantime what I have experienced, though small, military regime, college, there was music and the pinnacle, which became an emblem for us, Woodstock. I have in the cinema (70) the unforgettable scenes of a generation that lived at a distance but still inhabits my soul.

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  2. Smart Val, loved this post, music unites. My relative always told me that the best thing that came about was the weed at the music concerts. He loved it so much, had it almost daily and was the coolest, nicest gentleman.

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  3. How imaginative and entertaining…and you’ve woven in some glorious tracks that I still enjoyed in the β€˜70s.
    The Age of Aquarius is one if my all time favourites πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’œ

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  4. I grew up hearing about how wonderful the sixties were πŸ˜‰ I especially loved all the feminist movement that followed the 40s and 50s and gave us all the freedom we have now so I really love them πŸ™‚ For some reason “time in a Bottle” is what sums it all for me. Lovely post!

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